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Now a Day every Business or Service need a website for increase there potential customers. Everybody want simple and attractive website and there are different types and models of website depending on category of Business or Service.

For Example like E-commerce , Informational ,Blog, Service and many more.

Step – 1 : Client Expected Phase

In this Phase Client will explain about what they want as well as model also and Client always expect the branding with a website .It will requires a clear design and attractive. They will explain the basic details of timelines.

Step -2 : The wire framing and Sitemap Phase

In this Phase ,Explain about the Website Wireframes and Sitemap that means it will the illustration work of the website as well visual representation of the website. Wire framing give the information about the scaffolding structure of the website.

If getting any mistakes or corrections of the website before reporting the Client. Then Client feels any changes then easy to do corrections of the website.

Step – 3 : Design Research Phase

In a Design Research Phase, Have to discover or observe the lots of models of website As well as Color Combination as per client suggestions. we need to raw sketch of the website with their priority categories like Menu Bar ,Footer Section ,Informational Space ,Widget Bar and Many more segments .

web designing

Step – 4 : Developing Phase

Here, Web Developer write the HTML ,CSS , PHP code for website with their finalized design. Especially observe about the little things like Fonts style , colors, interface, elements and visual assets. In this process Business Brand also developed. Along with the comprehensive functionality and technical functionalities with their resource of Clients.

Step – 5 : Quality Assurance Phase

When developing the website then never compromise on the Quality of the website. Here, we need check every phase of the website as well as speed of the website. Functionality of the Document working properly or not with their website.

Step – 6 : Testing Phase

Test your website In different size of screens as well as speed of the website. Run in a Real Time Digital World. If Client feels experience such website is good otherwise changes will occurred in a Website.

Step – 7 : Finally Simple & Attractive Website-Delivery Phase

Well, Production is done and final execution of the approved idea. Satisfied your Client.

There are 2 models of Websites

  1. Static Website
    Static Website is one of the model that will be Constant website with operating the single service or Business and Gateway Payments also.
  2. Dynamic Website
    Dynamic Website in type of model that can be operate the more than one service or business as well as payment gateway.

There are 8 Types of Websites

  1. Homepage Websites
    Homepage website simply says that static websites that will represent the basic information of the service or business.
  2. Magazine Websites
    Magazine Websites are mandatory for the most popular Business , Services ,people and many more as well as its improve the Brand.
  3. E-Commerce Websites
    E-commerce website is famous for the product based business and In which, Buying and selling will occurred. Here, website improve the trust worth of the Business or service.
  4. Blogs / Informational Websites
    Blogs website completely provide the information around society, Business, Trending Topics, News and many more.
  5. Portfolio Websites
    Portfolio Websites are used for the especially category of the Business or services. It will maintain the all operations of the regarding category.
  6. Landing Web Pages
    Landing websites are used to marketing the service or a Business and increase their traffic and follow-up the users as well as operating them.
  7. Social Media Websites
    Social Media Websites are operating the lots of people, sharing information, feeding, advertising many more.
  8. Directory and Contact Web Pages
    Here, If users or customers feels to contact the business or service then website provide the contact page as well as directory form. That will help you reach the customer with client or client with customer.


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  2. I really like the way you have explained the web design process in such great detail in this article. It is really very important to follow this process while developing websites. You have really made it very easy to understand the web development process in this article. Thank you very much for sharing this article.

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