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6 Best Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Are You Thinking Drag The Traffic To Your Website From Your Competitors. So here,I’m telling you about the How to drive the traffic for your website.So,Simple tactics helps you getting more visitors for your website.

In this Article I’m Mention about Some Tips have to Follow for increase the Traffic for Website.

#1. Article Content Shows Website Quality

First Thing First – Why Do You expecting Visitor need to visit your website.For that Are You Doing Anything For Visitors.Here the Simple Technique but Powerful.Website Need to Serve the Best Quality Content better than Competitors.

Article Content
Article – Content

Here the Fact is Google always have database that means lots of competitors as well as lots of different content.

Visitors View – Always Visitors Expecting the Content Top 3 websites of the Google SERP.

So That need to serve the quality content what visitors expecting. That will be build the trust of website.Later that Visitors Always search for content based on the website name.

Build the Content Based on the Topic that helps you increase the traffic for your website.

Cover all Concepts of Topic because You Don’t know Visitor what expecting on Topic.

#2. Game Of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

After the Bulid Great Content,Most Important term here is SEO.It is Powerful term that will serve the your content to lakhs of people.

Now a Days most of the bloggers are practice the Yoast SEO for WordPress. It will Options shows the Multiple Sectors of SEO regarding SEO of your Article.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

We need to focus on optimizing the some sectors that will be followed below.

1.Header Optimization of Content

I have Formulae for Header Optimization.This Trick will help you easy to attract the visitor to website

[number] + [adjective] + [keyword] + [promise]
ex:21 effective list creation strategies that will triple your email list
99 simple weight loss tips that can help you lose 50 pounds

Having the some Condition for perfect Header
Header Tags are Useful as Subheadings in the content
We have H1-H6 Header Tag .Try to Place 6 Header Tags in a page.
Should use only one Header Tag Per Page.
Should maintain target Keyword or Primary Keyword in Header Tag.
There is no limitation of H2-H6
Should maintain 15-40 character limits in header Tag.

2.Content Optimization of Content

Content is the key of any online Business.It is Representation of our services,Products to the online users for creating Content.

Content is flows the visitor to the end of article.It is the key for Article that provide the trust to Visitors.Need to follow some rules for create content of Article.

Should Create Genuine Content.
Create Good Readability content
should maintain 1500-1800 words per page.
should maintain Paragraph with 2-3 lines or better to make bullet points.
should maintain keyword density as 2-3%
If you want to place multiple keywords in a same content should use keyword Proximity.

3.URL Optimization or Slug Optimization

URL is easy understandable Language and Crawler’s to identify Page Content for Creating URL should Follow Below Condition.
URL of the article is term that will stored the enter of content of website.
Should Maintain Standard URL Structure.
Don’t Use any special Characters In URL.
Should Separate Character ‘-‘ and ‘/’.

4.Title Tag Optimization

Each and Every Page of the Website needs to maintain proper title.It will be shows on SERP Pages of Search engine.
For creating Title Should Follow below condition.
Should maintain target Keyword in a title.
Should maintain 50-60 Characters limit in the Title.
Try to place 2 or 3 keyword in a single Title.
Should Maintain Content Relevant Title.

5.Image Tag Optimization

Image’s are Useful for Creating Branding for any Business or Product for placing img to follow some condition.
Should use HD Images.
Place Content Relevant Img.
Try to place 2-3 Img per page.
Should save Img’s with Keyword’s name. When Downloading from search Engines.
Should place Target Keyword in Img Alt txt.
If any User Using Low Internet Speed,Its appearance the text Instead.
Try to use to describe the Image and Keyword.
Try to Place Secondary Keyword in Image Attribute.

6.Video Tag Optimization

Video’s are Develop the brand awareness any business for placing video’s follow some conditions.
HD video.
Business Relevant Video.
Maintain min 5-10 minutes Video.
Don’t upload directly into the website.
upload videos from YouTube Channel and Submitted site.
Try to Place Target Keyword before In-frame URL.

#3. Kick The Backlinks

Well Comes important part for improve traffic of website as well as Rank also.If getting more backlink compare other website.Search Engine proved the your website top page to users.

BackLink - Link Building
BackLink – Link Building

Backlink is define as the getting link from another website.That means Other Competitor Websites will saved the our website page link represented our website.

By doing this Crawlers think this is the better website rather than this. Backlink should be done by Target Keywords or Product or Service according their Business.

Below List the different types of submission for backlinks

  1. Directory Submission.
  2. Article Submission.
  3. Local Classifieds.
  4. Social Book Marking Submission.
  5. Blog Commenting.
  6. Forum Submission.
  7. Guest Blogging Submission.
  8. Profile Creation.
  9. Press release.
  10. Private Blog Network.
  11. Web 2.0 Submission.
  12. Image and Video Submission.
  13. Ping Submission.
  14. Info Graphics Submission.

#4. Paid Ads for your Website

They do work needless to mention . Search ads on Google (though they cost much money) can improve your site conversions tons also as help your organic traffic with re-targeting campaigns.

Paid Advertising
Paid Promotion

Also, you’ll reach a way bigger audience, like folks that don’t have any intent to interact with you (for example buy a product, install app, download e book etc). you’ll advertise on Instagram and Facebook to showcase your brand.

Advertisement on social media costs but in Google and other search engines BTW.

Paid ads are awesome for e-commerce business and mobile applications especially.

Most Important factor is Ads or Advertising that will used to get easy traffic in a short period.

Search Engines like Google,Bing,Yahoo,Baidu,AOL,,Excite,DuckDuckGo… are provide the Ads as well as Its can Visible your website in a top 3 sites.

Types of Ads

  1. Search Ad
  2. Display Ad
  3. Search With Display Ad
  4. Shopping Ad
  5. Video Ad
  6. Universal Application Ad.

#5. Focus On SMM Including Email Marketing

More than 77% Company are doing Social Media Marketing that means expect the more audience.

In a Social Media Platform we Expect more Quantity than Quality,For that you have to linked with Blog that can help you more subscribers. While have more Subscriber that means having the more Traffic to your Website.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Platforms likeFaceBook,Pinterest,Tumblr,Quora,Google+,Twitter,Instagram,Google My Business,LinkedIn and many more.

In a Social Media having lots of pages and groups,so after posting the content need to sharing in particular groups and page of Social Media Platforms.

Need to Mention Tags,that will used to reach more public and views of website.

Email Marketing

People that have subscribed your site with their email ids. Send each of them an updated email regularly about your new published content. Use such words which may make your subscribers more enthusiastic to your contents. Also give them advance emails for your coming events or publishing contents. keep reference to them. Provide them every links of your social media profiles.

#6. Blog Design For Article

Main thing but Last thing is focus on the structure of Blog as well as Article.It will decide audience are whether staying or not.

The Article of the Future is an ongoing project that explores better ways of presenting online journal articles and enriching their content.

Blog Design For Article
Blog Design For Article

The elements of your blog’s design and layout will determine if a new visitor will stay and read, or leave during a moment . If you’re employing a WordPress blog layout with a difficult interface , then users can get turned off and leave your site. this is often often counterproductive. I’d highly recommend to use Jupiter WordPress theme, this theme features a lot of options for you to customize your own blog and has many different layouts for you to style your own blog, this text gives the varied layouts and it gives advice of which one to choose relying on what kind of blog you’ve .

It will Attract the Audience to stay more in our Blog as well as shows the step by step Process.

You can have a side bar option of “related articles” “other articles of interest” and/or below the current article they are reading, alternatively you can also add links to the relevant article within the current article text.

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