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What is the best ways of testing the responsive web design ?

Now a days,Most of the Users are using different types of websites across all types of Devices.Here,Our Agenda is Testing the Responsive Website and find out best method and also how many types are there for testing the responsive web design.

This trending generation having the number of devices for testing the responsive web design and we have the various screen size of device and also User will come from various Platforms and Devices.

Here, we can observe the website will fit in all format of device and we can do some experiments in the testing of web design .

Simple observation of testing the Responsive website

It mainly depends on the responsive time and Resource of website  .if enter the any URL ,you can see it rendered accurately all over phones and desktops and even also tablets. it renders are visible in a row wise for easy understandable comparing. If get any issue or error then we can easily observed the what page are working properly or not and how the page are renders on various device .

Simple tip for Test of website Design is Resize your testing website ,Here you can observe the content Break then web design was fail to Load in a Bowers.

Link gives the information about : Web Designing Purpose & Compatibility

What are the things to do and  observation the  on responsinator website checker

  • Testing  on real Devices

In this scenario , you have to check the responsive design using emulators or resizing the screen of  device that will be fit the browser of smart device like mobilize screens, desktops and tablets of all variation of models …..Only Real time gives the Accurate results .

  • Comparing the Results of Devices after Testing

Basically, All type of Users  will be come from across the universe , Here we need to list out the that information, For  that process of collecting the information we need to work with Google Analytics ( For checking user Performance ) their we have option called Audience Section. In that Platform we get the vast data of users and different Devices .Ensure your software is compatible with them. If the Traffic of our site is low and the data on Google  Analytics is not enough.

  • Observe the URL

No matter on what browser, device or screen size you test, the address of the website should be the same.

  • Check your Content

Image, sub-links, menus should be fit devices and locate per screen size

Best technique for testing web design is Mobilzer .because mobilizer is fit for responsive web design  

Short cuts Keys for website Checker

Ctrl+Shift+m on firefox
and in Google chrome
Now check the bottom of the screen find “Emulation”
Now Select a device from the list of Devices and Click “Emulate”
You can also Choose a screen size from there .( Resize )

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